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Crafted with the utmost attention to detail and superior beauty, the ShoreMaster Infinity Waterfront System is one that stands out from the rest.

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Infinity dock Sysytems

The only system on the market to offer a completely customizable dock experience. No dock owner should be confined to straight lines and right angles. The exclusive curve dock system provides unparalleled versatility, functionality, and elegance. Plus, superior modern craftsmanship, 5-sided dock legs or adjustable dock legs and an exclusive assembly system provide the most effortless dock installation as well as exceptional stability.

Infinity boat lifts

ShoreMaster sets the industry standard in terms of reliability and performance with lifts that are precision dime-welded for maximum stability and durability. They also provide faster, easier installation and offer a wide range of options and accessories to maximize your time on the water.


Infinitytrack accessories

With the industry’s most accessory options (including furniture, benches, steps, ladders, bumpers, and so much more), your dock system will truly meet your individual needs. Accessories attach to your dock with a simple t-handle meaning you get a totally customized system with no holes to drill, no tools and best of all no hassles. You won’t find an easier system.

Low maintenance decking

Your dock system should reflect your style. ShoreMaster offers 9 premium, low-maintenance decking options. From luxurious woodgrain aluminum decking to the exclusive Vertex decking, there are options for every style with superior aesthetics and the easiest ownership.

Shoremaster lift motors

ShoreMaster boat lift motors are the quickest and easiest way to upgrade your lift to add the convenience of motorized lift operation. ShoreMaster offers multiple lift motor options that are incredibly easy to install, easy to use and are designed to perform flawlessly season after season.

Canopy Covers

Designed and built to provide superior coverage and protection for your watercraft. Deep rounded ends on the traditional canopy frame allow you to tuck your boat completely underneath the frame, away from the harsh sun and wind. The vented canopy covers come in 3 premium options with a wide array of color choices and provide breathability to inhibit mold and mildew.